Schupp, Karen. 2022. “Rethinking The Pedagogy of Dance Pedagogy.” Research in Dance Education. 

Using an autoethnographic approach in combination with qualitative content analysis, this article examines a dance educator’s journey revising her approach to teaching a graduate teaching praxis course towards a model that develops graduate students’ competencies as ethical dance educators and embraces a range of dance forms. 


McCarthy-Brown, Nyama and Karen Schupp. 2021. “From Gatekeepers to Gateway Makers: Reimagining Partnerships, Collaborations, and Celebrations of the Many Movers of University Campuses.” Research in Dance Education.

This article examines convergences and divergences between what dance programs offer and extracurricular dance on college campuses.


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This article is part of a special issue focused on intersectionality and identity in dance education. The article examines how white supremacy and privilege operate within dance competition culture through what is performed on stage.


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This keynote article is featured in a special issue on the future(s) of dance education(s). The article addresses the urgency for a radical rethinking of dance curricula in relation to equity and offers dance educators strategizes for revising tertiary programs for curricular equity.


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Using a physical cultural studies lens in relation to concepts of serious leisure, the article suggests that dance competition culture is shifting towards pre-professional dance training thereby changing dance competition culture from a serious leisure pursuit into vocational training.


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This article provides a contextualization of nine dance competition teacher/choreographers’ perceptions of how commercial dance and dance competition culture inform each other. Interview data suggests that there is a strong, tangible link between commercial dance and dance competition culture, and that overlapping values create a symbiotic relationship between the two.